For the last year I have been experimenting with colour change products and am pleased with the results so far. I am fascinated how the atmosphere can suddenly change and how it can affect the way we feel. I have always been excited by the idea of a moving painting so this has given me the opportunity to develop this concept. As the painting warms up, the colour gradually changes to another or changes to a spectrum of colours.

These paintings are ideally situated above a fireplace, radiator or in a room that heats up in the summer months, avoid long term exposure to sunlight.

Commissions are available by request. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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Colour Changing 3D Resin Paintings on Wood Panels with Mixed Media

Copyright © and IP – Jo West – 01/01/2016



Long term exposure to UV light or elevated temperature can cause loss of thermochromic function.

LIGHT: Long term exposure to UV and some fluorescent lights can degrade colour intensity. Extreme exposure of more than several days of direct sunlight may degrade the colour of the microcapsules, though it will probably still change colour. More than 600 hours of a strong fluorescent light may also cause a loss of colour in the thermochromic pigments.

HEAT: Extended exposure to high temperatures of 50°c or higher can degrade the pigment. With heat, the exposure only has an effect if a given temperature is constantly maintained for a given amount of time.